Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi

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Great news to all you audiobook lovers who have been looking for my new audiobook (R)evolution for Love on Amazon Audible, Google Play and other major audiobook stores worldwide – now it’s finally out there! 

For example, on Amazon you can find the book in all formats: audiobook (Amazon Audible), ebook (Amazon Kindle) and a paperback version mailed to your home address. *Here you can enter Amazon now easily:

Search for (R)evolution for Love (most often ‘revolution for love’) on your favorite audiobook store, and enjoy the new audiobook narrated by the American professional voice talent Brianna Vox.

After listening to or reading my book, please share your thoughts on it on Amazon, Google Play Books and other ebook/audiobook providers apps and pages. I love reading your book reviews! 🙂  

Here’s one of the reviews, and you can read more reader reviews here, and editorial reviews and book bloggers’ reviews here.

"I came across this book through recommendation, because I find myself in a bit of a relationship limbo. I'm yet to explore the book in more depth but my initial reaction is one of relief and joy. finally honest talk aimed at grown ups about grown up relationships. It asks some uncomfortable questions but what I like is it firmly places the final decision and RESPONSIBILITY in your own hands and no one else's. I quite like the idea of being the judge of my own life. Can't wait to start the actual exercises, which look promising. I have never before explored the role of the subconscious or NLP but will defo give it a try! (PS. I've already decided to give my relationship another good go!)"

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You can read the other reader reviews and editorial reviews summarized in these blog posts:

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Audiobook, Ebook and Paperback book

See below the Amazon affiliate links to the specific Amazon near you.

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Improve your love life now together with (R)evolution for Love!

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