(Latest update: 1st November 2021)

This is the summary of data protection, register descriptions and commercial principles (e.g. in web course purchases) according to EU’s GDPR requirements.

1. Contact information of the owner

Lingu House Oy (Finnish company register ID: 2151489-5)
Contact person: Kati Niemi
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: + 3 5 8 5 0 4 5 8 4 1 8 5

2. Name of the register

Lingu House Oy’s client register

According to EU’s GDPR, the legal justification for this site’s data processing is being a customer, a member in the weekly newsletter email list, the approval or contract with the registered person, or the protection of the owner of the register.

The register is used to manage, update and improve the personal data of customers, and for marketing or direct marketing of products and services (also before a person is a paid customer), documentation of past customers (e.g. their purchases for accounting purposes), statistics and analytics, affiliate marketing, and marketing/sales of digital products/services, and including Google, Facebook or other social media services and email marketing solutions.

The management of personal data is Lingu House Oy’s legal necessity to hold a customer/member register and in some cases it is necessary for fulfilling proper service/products based on contracts.

4. Profiling

As a part of personal data management Lingu House Oy can use automatic profiling and thus the registered person can get more focused marketing messages and voluntary benefits.

For example, if we market a product/service to a customer, we can do it by using the customer’s registered data. For example, when you join the email list of the newsletter recipients, you may also sometimes receive good tips about the coming web courses and other products and services of (R)evolution for Love and/or performed or marketed by Lingu House Oy. You have always to possibility to unsubscribe the newsletters and similar posts.

5. Register content and data sources

The register includes customers’ personal and contact data as well as other necessary information if collected from the registered customers:

This information can be collected from emails, digital contact forms, download tools, joining list forms, by phone, in social media, from contracts and customer meetings and in other situations where the customers gives information.

We delete information of inactive users from our email systems systematically, at least once in three years.

6. Data transfer and giving data outside EU or ETA

We never give information to third parties for their marketing purposes.

Information of registered persons are transferred outside EU or ETA if it is required by the service or software used. All selected services are aligned with EU’s Privacy Shield standard. These software and services are:

Lingu House Oy’s website, social media channels or emails may sometimes have links to third parties. These sites are not managed by Lingu House Oy, so each person shall familiarize themselves and approve separately those sites’ own data clauses. Some links may be affiliate links: when a customer buys a product/service through that link, Lingu House Oy may get a commission. This doesn’t cause extra costs for the customers. Lingu House Oy recommends only trustworthy, good products or services.

7. Data protection principles

Personal data is protected and saved in electronic system where only selected Lingu House employees or subcontractors have access in order to fulfill their necessary tasks. Those persons have personal user rights and passwords.

Personal data is protected from outsiders and the data use is controlled. Each member has a personal user name and password protection. Personal data sent outside the company are encrypted. Used workstations and data saving media are encrypted and protected so that third parties do not have access rights to them.

8. Rights of the registered person

Each registered person has a right to check one’s data, ask for correcting or adjusting any inaccurate or missing information.

A registered person can cancel one’s approval of data collection and management, ask for restricting the data management or delete one’s data according to GDPR principles.

Change requests shall be sent to the owner of the register (Lingu House Oy) in written by email or mail, and one’s personality ID is checked before data changing or deleting. Lingu House Oy will usually answer within a month. Lingu House Oy may reject the request based on legislation.

9. Cookies

Cookies are saved by your browser and they help the site to function properly. Also third party cookies (e.g. Google and Facebook following or marketing cookies) can recognize visitors. Lingu House Oy uses cookies to improve its service, understand its visitor statistics and market its products. You can change cookie settings in your browser. By allowing cookies you help us improve our service and contact you better.

10. Affiliate programs

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. We participate also in other affiliate programs. When you click a link, there will be no extra cost for you even though we may get a small fee for helping you to find the partner offering the product or service you were looking for. All clicks and potential purchases on our partners’ sites are reported to us anonymously i.e. we don’t see your further clicks nor potential purchases.

11. Changes to this information and terms

This information and terms can be updated occasionally when e.g. legislation, operations, tools or needs change. When you continue using this website and Lingu House services/products (paid or unpaid) you approve these terms.

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