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Our relationship is sometimes OK but something is missing – should we break up or not?

When your relationship is at a crossroads, find the solution based on your own values.

Find help and support when making a decision: a better relationship or a brilliant break up?

Learn how to improve your love life - despite your relationship situation!

Deal with the emotional turmoil, fear and shame caused by a potential break up.

Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi
"This book is really explosive, in a good way!”
– A reader of the book
"Thank you for this lovely book, it really opened my eyes!"
– A reader of the book

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Your relationship won't fix itself, so don't wait for the rest of your life

Time won’t heal your relationship – and neither will you without a firm decision to do so.

The purpose of this book is to help you make a decision and to follow it through, whether it is to improve your relationship or to break up. 

That’s why this book is so much more than just a(nother) divorce guide: it will also help you negotiate the pitfalls and crossroads of your relationship. 

Are you waiting for that elusive moment when you are "ready", with the hope that the decision would become easier to make?​

"As soon as the children are bigger."

"As soon as I'm not this busy at work."

"As soon as we've paid off the mortgage."

"As soon as the children have moved out."

No amount of waiting will make the decision any easier.
Nor will your partner suddenly as if by magic change into someone better.

Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi

The (R)evolution for Love: a book for a better relationship or a brilliant break up

This book will help you make a decision, achieve your dreams and be happy! Order it now easily & quickly from Amazon near you:

Is breaking up a failure?

Breaking up can be scary but is it reason enough to stay in a bad relationship? 

Fear may be the thing standing between you and your decision. You may feel that breaking up is like admitting to failure. But in this book I will show you how the fear of leaving and fear of failure are also poison to your relationship if you are hoping to improve it.

By overcoming your fear of leaving your relationship you also open the door to a solution, whether it turns out to be a better relationship or a brilliant break up. Both solutions are much better than staying paralyzed in this current painful situation.

"This book is also a go-to book for couples. Who knows it could save a relationship that has hit a lull. The book is thought-provoking and reminds you of the reasons why you two got together in the first place.”
– A reader of the book
”After reading the book, I realised that a divorce can also bring a lot of positives.”
– A reader of the book
"This should be compulsory reading for those leaving a relationship. People would be saved so much negativity after break up.”
– A reader of the book
Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi

Breaking up or building a better relationship? This book helps you.

If any of the following sounds familiar, this book is for you:

Your relationship is not quite what you had hoped from life.

You want to improve your relationship but don't know how.

You have thought about leaving for a long time but still are not sure what would be best.

You are scared of leaving and need encouragement and practical advice.

You feel like you and your partner have grown apart and don't know what to do.

Your partner cheated on you (or you cheated on your partner) and feel devastated – you need help to rebuild your confidence or to break up.

"Reading this book made me realise that actually my partner and I have a pretty good relationship!”
– A reader
“I loved reading about real-life examples of how a break up can be amicable. There is no reason why the relationship between exes should be cold and hostile.”
– A reader
Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi

Is this a divorce guide or a roadmap to a better relationship?

It is both. The book will help you discover what exactly you want from your relationship. The book and the exercises included in the separate exercise book will help you make your decision with confidence and without fear – regardless of whether your decision is to break up or work on improving your relationship.

What these books will give you:

Tools to resolve your situation.

Real-life love and break up stories.

Mental exercises that will help you untangle your relationship problems.

Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi

Life after break up – how to survive and carry on living?

In this book, I support you in decision making based on your values and goals. I do encourage you to work on your relationship, if that is your choice. However, if after reading the book you decide to leave your relationship, I will also help you carry on living a happy life through that process and towards a happier love life.

Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, Author, Blogger Kati Niemi

How this book came about – and how it can benefit you

Hi! I’m Kati Niemi, a clinical hypnotherapist and a certified NLP Trainer for solution-centred mental practice. 

I started writing this book on a holiday with my children, my ex-husband and his sister’s family. At some point during that trip, it occurred to me that, after our divorce, love had only changed its shape and I did not care for and value my ex any less now than when we were married. Quite the opposite!

After our divorce, people were initially curious to know why we split up and how we had dealt with the practicalities. The idea for the book grew gradually with my desire to help others in the same situation.

For this book I interviewed dozens of men and women in happy and unhappy relationships and those who had been through a happy divorce.

I thought that by sharing the experiences and skills of the several men and women I interviewed for the book, as well as those of my own, would make things easier for others who were wrestling with their unhelpful thoughts. Maybe my book could inspire others to clear up more headspace for different solutions – towards a better relationship or a brilliant divorce.

When you allow yourself to contemplate the possibility of a break up, you are also allowing yourself to build a much firmer foundation for your relationship. Freedom to leave gets you closer than ever. If you want to be seen and accepted, you must also open yourself up to the possibility of rejection.

Only then can you operate in your relationship out of love instead of fear. This is why breaking up is nothing to be afraid of or to disapprove – especially if your goal is a genuinely happy relationship!

What have readers said about the book?

"In the midst of all the laughing and crying, I also learnt useful ways to work on my relationship."
– A reader
"I love reading your wise words. We need a complete overhaul of attitudes, so many are taking the easy way out and don't take the trouble to think. Happily we can be a good example to ourselves and choose to do our best.”
– A reader
"A most amazing book for someone who has been persisting with the nuclear family dream for far too long! A big thank you for the constructive mental exercises! Youi are spreading so much positivity to those struggling alone."
– A reader
”Reading this book made me realise that actually my partner and I have a pretty good relationship!”
– A reader
"Take it from someone who has been through a divorce, this book gives you just the right type of hope! Everything you ever wanted to know about breaking up is discussed positively but without sugar-coating. The book says it like it is, but gently. Many of the thoughts shared by the interviewees were really relatable. The book make you wake up and think and to take responsibility for your own life. I will read the book many times over and also use it to improve my current relationship!”
– A reader
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The (R)evolution for Love: is it better to break up or to work on your relationship?

This book helps you when you find yourself at a crossroads in your relationship and can’t be sure if you should leave or stay and work on your relationship, concretely and for good. The book will help you to reach a decision and to achieve your dreams and happiness. I am positive that you will find the book helpful and it will give you both solace and some food for thought!

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At a crossroads – where do you go from here?

If your relationship has hit the rocks or has just become stale, you may feel like you have arrived at a crossroads. This is the point where we should  decide which road to choose.

Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi

"If it wasn’t for the kids, we would have split up long ago”

Sounds familiar? If you have children, you are most likely thinking about the future very much from their perspective. Your mind is probably full of questions. My guess is that you are thinking at the least the following:

How to answer the children’s questions sensibly when you just feel like crying?

Can we agree where the children will live?

How will the break up affect the children and their development?

Stressi ja unettomuus parisuhdeongelmien syynä – vai aiheuttaako stressaava parisuhde uniongelmat?

Life in a nuclear family can be just as oppressive as in a divorced family if the relationships between family members are strained. What matters to children and their wellbeing is the quality of the relationship between their parents, not its legal status.

This book will help you make progress in your thought process and reach a decision.

A million thoughts running through your mind? You are not alone!

You may feel alone in your situation and it may seem like nobody could possibly understand what you are going through. It is true that every relationship is unique. However, many of those in a similar situation struggle with the same questions as you.

In addition to helpful mental exercises, this book also offers solace and peer support: you are not alone.

I don’t know what to do. Our relationship is “ok” but not what I really want.

I’m scared of breaking up and what the future holds afterwards.

I don’t understand how I ended up in this situation.

My partner is not willing to work on our relationship, and I don’t know what to do.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Coach, Author Kati Niemi

Let me help you make your best decision, achieve your dreams and be happy!

With Love,
your coach Kati
Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Coach, Author

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Are you ready to continue your journey towards making a decision?​

Don’t waste your time – grab this book and use it as your guide towards a happier life!

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