The (R)evolution for Love blog, books, training courses, and coaching programs developed by Coach, NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist Kati Niemi, as well as all the guest blog articles written by our quality bloggers’ community, focus on your holistic well-being as an individual regardless of your relationship status.

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The blog articles, the books, the training courses, and the coaching programs introduced below focus on these main topics:

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The blog posts authored by Coach Kati Niemi and the (R)evolution for Love community of guest bloggers offer plenty of food for thought, peer support, practical tools, tips and tricks for self-development and living a happier life – either in or out of a relationship.

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A good relationship book on how to improve a better relationship or make the divorce decision and separate. To stay married or to break up?
Is it better to break up or stay in an unhappy marriage? Before making the divorce decision, read this good relationship book on how to improve a long relationship or when it is better to decide to get separated. Dozens of honest true stories!

Values and Mission

The (R)evolution for Love mission is to give a gentle wake-up call to all you adult men and women who are still open to growth and development to connect at a conscious level with the subconscious drivers that make your relationships or life as a single man or woman feel too tricky at times. 

The key (R)evolution for Love values are Love, Freedom, Joy, and Security.

(R)evolution for Love encourages you to walk your own path toward your dreams with a clear goal in mind without forgetting compassion and humanity towards yourself.

We will tackle even the most challenging relationship problems with a solution-centered, positive, and considerate approach.

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Who is Coach Kati Niemi, the founder of (R)evolution for Love?

Coach Kati Niemi, the founder of the (R)evolution for Love, is an accredited NLP Trainer for self-developmental mindshifting methods and a Clinical Hypnotherapist accredited by the Finnish Association of Hypnosis with internationally standardized professional hypnotherapist training. Her background includes business coaching, strategic leadership, and coaching large teams in multinational listed groups. You can book your private coaching session online with Kati here.

Coach Kati Niemi is a member of the Finnish Psychological Society, the Finnish Association of Hypnosis, and the Finnish NLP Association.

Coach Kati has studied hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), coaching methods, and other therapeutic techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Gestalt therapy, as well as further studies in psychology at the University of London.

Coach Kati shares with her (R)evolution for Love followers the experiences of the numerous men and women she has coached or interviewed for her books as well as the latest research news in the field of psychology and neurobiology to support self-development, achievement of personal goals, motivation, emotion management, utilization of intuition and the many dimensions of love.

Coach Kati’s extensive experience in leadership and coaching, including senior leadership positions in large international corporations, shows in her gentle but straightforward approach in which she challenges the readers of the (R)evolution for Love to stop and take an honest look at their growth pains and to be inspired by their own dreams.

In the (R)evolution for Love, Coach Kati curiously explores taboos related to relationships and how they end, to cheating and single life, with a great sense of humor and depth.

Coaching, hypnotherapy, and NLP training - Contact Coach Kati for personal growth

Coach Kati Niemi offers online coaching and hypnotherapy services. The live coaching/therapy sessions are held in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in Finland, and in her clients’ premises worldwide.

You can easily book your online coaching session with Kati, and contact her also through social media (e.g., Instagram) or by email

In which areas could you benefit from personal coaching and more profound self-development for a more relaxed, enjoyable life?

The (R)evolution for Love: a Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up?

Coach Kati Niemi wrote her book (R)evolution for Love to help you when you find yourself at the crossroads in your relationship. Should you break up or take steps to improve your relationship in practical terms and for good?

For more information about the book and easy links to Amazon stores near you, click here: (R)evolution for Love – a Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up?

Blogs on deeper self-love, goal-oriented self-leadership, and genuinely happier relationships

The (R)evolution for Love blog offers advice on your well-being, regardless of your love relationship status, in the following themes:

Good Relationship Blog for improving love relationships

Good relationship:

What is a good, happy relationship? How to improve your relationship and sex life? If you are in a long relationship and it sometimes feels like you’ve run out of things to say and, with that, run out of sex, how to learnt how to talk and show affection in a more fulfilling way than ever? Or how to find a new, balanced relationship where daily life is not a chore and sex is good? Read more under the Good Relationship theme!

Breakup blog about divorce decision-making: To Break Up or Not to Break Up?

To Break Up or Not to Break Up?

The theme To Break Up or Not to Break Up helps you to come to a decision whether or not to end your relationship and stop sitting on the fence. If your relationship makes you uncomfortable, is it worth staying together or would it be best to break up, read more under the To Break Up or Not to Break Up theme

Blog about cheating, unfaithfulness, adultery, infidelity


One night stand. Or two. A secret affair. Another woman. A third wheel. You name it… Whether it was your partner or you who cheated, read our tips and benefit from the peer support so that you can follow your heart towards a better life after cheating. Read more under the Cheating theme

Wellbeing blog about mental health, hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching


How to boost your wellbeing in a relationship or as a single? Rediscover your joy and peace of mind under the Wellbeing theme!

Beyond Breakup: Blog about life after divorce, breaking up and separation

Beyond Break Up:

How to survive the break up?How to enjoy life when the break up process is still ongoing and your ex is giving you hell? What is life like after the break up? How to get peer support in the middle of a break up? Learn to face you ex with dignity and respect after the break up even if towards the end your relationship you hated each other more than anything in the world. Chances are that once the break up is done and dusted, they longer have the power to irritate you and they may turn into a better friend you ever thought possible. Read more under the After a Break Up theme

Singles' blog about happy single life

Single life:

Wild and free? Or at least wannabe wild and free? What is single life like? What are you going to do once you are on your own? What is being single again only fills you with angst? What to do if you want a relationship but really don’t see yourself going on Tinder or any other dating app or website? Read the encouraging blog articles under the Single Life theme!

Books & courses:

Peer support and exercises in The (R)evolution for Love: A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? A relationship guide with a positive approach towards reaching a decision: whether it is to work on improving your relationship or to start the break up process. Read more under the blog articles under this theme, or the reader and radio and press reviews!

How to become a successful guest blogger - Join our blog's community of guest writers
Do you want to learn how to become a successful guest blogger? Click this photo to read more and join the (R)evolution for Love community of high-quality guest writers!

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