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Now that my book (R)evolution for Love is available worldwide and I’m getting feedback daily from you all, that feedback and also all those editorial reviews have truly taken me by surprise! See this short video or read the book reader reviews in this blog post below:

I’m really touched by all the amazing reviews and feedback and suggestions that I’ve received from the readers of the (R)evolution for Love blog and books, or from my coaching customers and web course attendants. 

Thank you for giving me feedback, I truly appreciate it. Your valuable comments encourage me to carry on with my coaching and writing to you.

Author, Blogger Kati Niemi Revolution for Love
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"I came across this book through recommendation, because I find myself in a bit of a relationship limbo. I'm yet to explore the book in more depth but my initial reaction is one of relief and joy. finally honest talk aimed at grown ups about grown up relationships. It asks some uncomfortable questions but what I like is it firmly places the final decision and RESPONSIBILITY in your own hands and no one else's. I quite like the idea of being the judge of my own life. Can't wait to start the actual exercises, which look promising. I have never before explored the role of the subconscious or NLP but will defo give it a try! (PS. I've already decided to give my relationship another good go!)"

Audiobook, Ebook and Paperback book

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I want to share the reviews with you, so I’ve compiled some of the reviews in this blog post. Keep reading, because towards the end of this blog, I will be revealing a secret: there’s always something new happening in the (R)evolution for Love Realm!

Sometimes the feedback is received even in new creative forms – like here the Finnish musician Paroni who sent me his reader review on the day he published his new music video in YouTube, inspired by (R)evolution for Love:

"Thanks to you, I can now express my feelings better, I feel I'm a better listener and I can talk about anything with anybody. It was a tough period but I'm much stronger now getting back up to my own feet. The whole year was sad and sorrow, but now it's getting easier and I like writing my thoughts. Thank you so much!"

Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi
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Reviews and feedback on the relationship guide 

In this blog post I’ll be concentrating on the reviews and feedback I’ve received from the readers of the (R)evolution for Love books. For reviews published in the media by journalists and other professionals, read mmedia scrapbook of magazine articles, radio interviews and podcasts, book fairs and other media appearances.

Reviews on the (R)evolution for Love book: “WOW!”

For the sake of clarity, the actual quotes are in red, and my own input and opinions are in black. A compilation of the reviews on the (R)evolution for Love book – you are welcome!

“This book is really explosive, in a good way!”

“Thank you for this lovely book, it really opened my eyes!”

“Your book is brilliant!”

“In the midst of all the laughing and crying, I also learnt useful ways to work on my relationship.”

“A good presentation of what love is.”

“A most amazing book for someone who has been persisting with the nuclear family dream for far too long! A big thank you for the constructive mental exercises! You are spreading so much positivity to those struggling alone.”

Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi
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“I love reading your wise words.  We need a complete overhaul of attitudes, so many are taking the easy way out and don’t take the trouble of thinking.  Happily we can be a good example to ourselves and choose to do our best.”

”This book is also a go-to book for couples. Who knows it could save a relationship that has hit a lull. The book is thought-provoking and reminds you of the reasons why you two got together in the first place.”

A 60+ man’s feedback right after filing for a divorce:

“Right now I feel good and calm because the divorce decision has been made together with my wife. Thank you for the awesome and in many ways positive encouragement for us normal adults in bad relationships to move forward towards our goals (also in love life) despite our older age. And thank you for encouraging to start dating after a long ‘dry season’!”

”Reading this book made me realise that actually my partner and I have a pretty good relationship!”

“Take it from someone who has been through a divorce, this book gives you just the right type of hope! Everything you ever wanted to know about breaking up is discussed positively but without sugar-coating. The book says it like it is, but gently. Many of the thoughts shared by the interviewees were really relatable. The book make you wake up and think and to take responsibility for your own life. I will read the book many times over and also use it to improve my current relationship!”

”After reading the book, I realised that a divorce can also bring a lot of positives.”

Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi
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Besides the seriously hilarious comments and feedback, the interviews I gave about the book also put a smile on my face. Read more about these interviews and other media appearances here.

The reader feedback is touching and beautiful. All of it.

””When you read the book be prepared to really face yourself. The book will bring emotions to surface and forces you to think the thoughts that I also had to go through when I considered my relationship. Realising things can be tough. However, we do want to understand our thoughts better, even if we already know what they are.”

“I loved reading about real-life examples of how a break up can be amicable. There is no reason why the relationship between exes should be cold and hostile!”

“My first impression: you have dropped a real bomb – this has taken an incredible amount of work. There is so much wisdom and practical advice in one package. I can’t think what you would have left out. The exercises were really well thought out – some were easier, some went deeper under the skin. Brilliant! Good job, Kati, I mean it!”

Book reviews: (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Author Kati Niemi
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”Reading the book, I often thought to myself, we’re doing ok, I love my partner, I’m happy, I’m grateful. But if you are in a bad relationship, I’m sure the book will give you fresh perspective, strength and courage to make decisions that will take you in the right direction.”

“I haven’t finished the book yet, but I can already tell that the writer is an intelligent, beautiful person!”

Touching and encouraging reviews and feedback brings tears to my eyes, for many reasons! 🙂

Positiivinen, hyvä parisuhdekirja-erokirja

The reviews summarise the thoughts of many: WOW! Respect!

A short and sweet review from a reader of the (R)evolution for Love book says it al:


One reader sent me a picture of themselves from a hospital bed reading my book. Apparently my book had brought them joy even during a long recovery from illness:

“Great work, respect.”

Another reader, who said they seldom read books at all, said that my tome of first published book was their “Book of the Year”– and that it might indeed take them a year to finish it! At least if one properly completes the 57 mental exercises 😉

One reader involved me in their reading process by sending me regular and hilarious comments and updates, such as:

“This is such fun to read. You know how to talk about this stuff!”

“So far brilliant and very perceptive discussion on Mr. Nice Guys. I’m currently on page 72!”

“I’m now on page 88 and I’m rally enjoying your witty sense of humour in chapter ‘Let’s talk about sex’!”

Amazon book reader reviews: (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Author Kati Niemi
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“This is wonderful! The book is incredibly good! You are such a sharp observer and judge of character!”

“The best thing about the (R)evolution for Love was the bit about the importance of our physical bodies, on pages 145–147. Very observant!”

A great book to take on a holiday…!

One reader sent me a picture of my book under the African sun, and another one was reading my book in the Caribbean and sent me a lovely, long reader feedback:

“I read your book during my winter holiday, so be aware that your book has reached the Caribbean! The topic is of great interest to many and the book is really well written, so no wonder it has received so much publicity. You have written an excellent book that has raised necessary discussion. This is a book, a guide and an exercise book in one. Highly readable linguistic fireworks that turns well-known clichés upside down. Your professional expertise, background in NLP and business know-how all shines through, what a package! The book is really interesting and entertaining at the same time, although I’m not even the primary target group of the book. Thank you for this reading and learning experience! I can’t wait to read your next book!”

Did you know that the book is also available as an e-book, so you don’t have to wait for the delivery? Order the book here.

(R)evolution for Love author, hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer Kati Niemi

At a photoshoot for a Finnish major magazine. Read more about the radio interviews and magazine articles here.

It was great to read the feedback and reviews that arrived via various channels as well as suggestions on the preferred media and the topics you readers would like to read more of my gentle but straightforward thoughts about free, love-filled wellbeing regardless of your relationship status.

In some of the reviews and feedback, people suggested webinars and live online courses and hoped to see new books on a range of topics. The reader analytics of the (R)evolution for Love blog posts show me real time data on what you the (R)evolution for Love followers are mostly interested in, and I will be adding more material to read in these blogs. So make sure you follow this blog and my social media accounts (IG: revolutionforlove; Facebook: Revolution for Love – Evolution for Love)!

And at this point I’m happy to announce that yes, I’m already working on my next book. Drop me a line and let me know what you would like me to write about, perhaps it is something I can work into my next book! Or the following one 🙂

Make a guess in the comments below: What is my next book going to be about? I’d love to hear your prediction 🙂

Reader feedback at the Book Fairs

I was interviewed on stage at the Helsinki Book Fair. The stand of my publisher, Art House, some book fair visitors gave amazing feedback, which really illustrates what the (R)evolution for Love is all about:

“Do you have Kati Niemi’s (R)evolution for Love? I’ve already read it but I would like to buy my own copy, because it has really helped improve my relationship. And my friend wants a copy too because they are just considering getting a divorce. This book works for both of us.”
-Two Helsinki Book Fair visitors

At the Turku Book Fair, I was interviewed by the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLERead more about the radio, newspaper and magazine interviews here.

Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi
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Your blog and book reviews and feedback touched me – relationships and wellbeing are no small matter!

As you may have noticed, I seldom run out of words and expressions, but there is one thing that I find difficult to put into words: the feeling when your own thoughts fly out to the world and become part of the lives of friends and perfect strangers to challenge them, to give consolation, to support and to accompany them through the storm. 

And I can’t describe how it feels to hear your wonderful, encouraging reviews and feedback! Your reviews and feedback really touched me because it is your personal relationships and wellbeing that are at stake – and in my book, nothing is more important.

It seems like no amount of words or expressions can really it cut it, words simply are not enough. What I feel is something so big and all-encompassing that every time I read them my heart skips a beat. I just breathe in and out and smile. All I can say is THANK YOU.

I can only hope that the thoughts and realisations that you gain from reading the book are even a fraction of the feeling I get reading your reviews and feedback. But, judging from your feedback, perhaps you do understand what I’m trying to describe. Thank you.

Send me your questions and I’ll discuss your personal issue anonymously in one of my blog posts.

I know nothing better than receiving feedback from readers immediately after they have started reading the book. If you read the foreword, you will know why I’m overjoyed if you do the exercises, or at least some of them. One reader sent me this feedback:

“Bought the book and have completed the first few exercises. Love your writing!”

As you are reading my blogs or the book, I’d love to know how you are getting on with your thought process. I’m happy to discuss passages that are relevant to you specifically and to hear what you would like me to write about next, just for you. 

Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi
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Thanks for commenting and giving me more feedback on my blog and social media!

You can give feedback in the comment field following each post and on Instagram (revolutionforlove) and Facebook (Revolution for Love – Evolution for Love.

Thank you for following the content on the (R)evolution for Love blog, Instagram and Facebook, and for being part of spreading the word by sharing this content on social media. 

Tell your friend who could do with some peer support and guidance on their journey through life’s ups and downs about the book with all its useful real-life examples! We all need each other

Thank you for reading my words and being the interpreter and commentator of my story. I really appreciate that. Respect.

Slightly different type of feedback…!

The reviews and feedback from my readers on my book and blog have been super encouraging and I’m grateful for every review and comment.

I have also received feedback from the representatives of the media and in the comments to newspaper and magazine articles. Read more about them here:

What kind of feedback would you like to give – also to yourself?

When going through the various reviews and reader feedback made me think about the feedback we give to each other. 

What kind of feedback did you, the reader of the (R)evolution for Love, give to your loved one today, or yourself? 🙂

Get inspiration from the (R)evolution for Love books and blog, and gently but firmly challenge your own thinking. I’d love to hear your feedback next! 

Author, Blogger, Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach Kati Niemi

I wish you happy, love-filled days – regardless of your relationship status!

With Love
Your Coach Kati
Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Author
[email protected]

Audiobook, Ebook and Paperback book

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Book (R)evolution for Love - A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? Authored by Kati Niemi
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