“FIVE STARS!” Book reviews: (R)evolution for Love (Amazon Books)

“FIVE STARS!” Book reviews: (R)evolution for Love (Amazon Books)

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Reader reviews of the book (R)evolution for Love (Amazon Books)

You can find the reader reviews here, or see this short summary video:

"(R)evolution for Love lives up to its name!" - Betterauds.com book review

Betterauds.com published their review of my book (R)evolution for Love – A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up? which is now available in Amazon. You can read the original Betterauds.com article here.

Betterauds.com described the book as “explosive”, “supportive”, “powerful” and “a great tool for couples and for anyone facing a tough choice in their relationship”. They also appraised: “(R)evolution for Love lives up to its name!”

About my writing style they said e.g. “knows how to use her words to support her readers”. Betterauds.com encouraged their readers to get the book from Amazon and “let go of the fears that might be holding you back”.

Author Kati Niemi - Book review Revolution for Love (Betterauds.com)
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"FIVE STARS!" - Editorial Review by The Lost Chapter, LLC

(Here you can read the full editorial review by The Lost Chapter, LLC)


Five Stars!

Relationships are hard work. When do you give up, and when do you fight for your marriage?

Revolution for Love shows real-life struggles when trying to make a decision between getting a divorce or staying in the marriage and includes practical applications of valuable concepts. Author Kati Niemi provides exceptional wisdom for relationships, such as when to listen to emotions and how to think of rational thinking, how to have respectful communication and find a common good, and more. Niemi provides a key point that parents need to show their children what a healthy relationship between two loving adults looks like.

Revolution for Love will help couples make decisions for their future. Kati Niemi understands that relationships aren’t always black and white and helps the reader weigh the pros and cons of their potential decisions.

From decision-making to common questions, Revolution for Love has it all! Packed with real stories from real people, this book is a must-read for anyone who is looking for help and support in their marriage.

Revolution for Love is a much-needed resource in today’s world! Add a copy of Revolution for Love to your shelf today, read it, and share it with others. This book will help you find yourself, and help you stand tall – whether on your own or with someone at your side.

Kati Niemi’s personal experiences with her ex-husband show what respectful communication looks like, and the way she prioritizes her children is inspirational!

Anyone who has struggles in their relationship, and we all do, needs to read Revolution for Love.

– The Lost Chapter, LLC

HJ Book Blog's Rating: 5/5 "WOW! A gem of a book!"

A book blogger site, HJ Book Blog, gave all 5/5 points saying e.g:

  • “asks uncomfortable and straight forward questions to help you see through”
  • “does not sugar coat situations nor does it become too pessimistic – it puts things as it is”
  • “has tips and exercises – – – sets this book apart from any other”
  • “does not preach but actually shares candid true stories with you and helps you decide for YOURSELF!”
  • “the writing is simple and easy to follow. It helps you stay engaged and retain most of it.”
  • “Refreshing; I loved reading it.”
  • “Wow! A gem of a book!”

You can read the full book review here.

The Book Trailer of (R)evolution for Love

Read more about the book (R)evolution for Love – A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up?  here.

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