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BEYOND BREAK UP BLOG: Life after a breakup – How to survive a divorce?

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You will survive the break up – I promise! The (R)evolution for Love ‘Beyond break up blog’ (under blog theme “After a Break Up”) will help you not only to reach a decision to break up with your partner (or not!) but also to survive the process and to start a happy life as newly single. 

I have compiled my most popular blog articles on the decision-making, the break up process, the living arrangements for parents and the children, splitting of assets and maintenance, processing grief after breaking up and single life after breaking up, without forgetting drafting that first online dating profile 🙂

These are the topics I wrote about also in my book (R)evolution for Love – A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up?, which you can read here.

'Beyond Breakup' blog helps with the final decision and supports your in your life after a break up

If you are not quite ready to make a final decision or you have difficulty accepting that your partner has decided to leave, you may find the following articles about making the decision to break up helpful and supportive:

There is nothing unusual about feeling anxious and pensive about break up – you have known your partner for a long time and you probably had very good reasons to start a relationship with that person back in the day. Maybe you and your partner have changed over time and perhaps your worldview is no longer what it was 10 years ago – I should hope not! 

This is why it is so common and normal that couples who have not grown in the same direction end up splitting up. 

And yet breaking up is still such a taboo all over the world, including in the supposedly liberal and free-spirited West. Hence this blog, ‘After a Break Up’, I want to tear down the “myth of impossibility” one article at a time.

If breaking up makes you feel anxious or guilty because of the decision you made or because you were not “able” to build a happier relationship, read the following articles:

Beyond Break Up blog guides you through the break up process

Before breaking up, many wonder how to reach that final decision and how to survive the break up. I am used to seeing people ask loads of detailed questions without stopping for a second to try and answer those questions, which, in the end the day, are quite simple. 

But a problem situation can spiral into a chaos of thoughts and feelings. What could be helpful them is to take one thing at a time and think it through with time. 

This is what this break up blog has been written for – just for you. Take one thing at a time, look at it, mull it over, and find the way to solve that works best for you. 

The (R)evolution for Love covers all bases, including the most difficult of questions, and the articles are fairly lengthy, in-depth discussions on these issues, because I don’t think you want to read 10 superficial pieces that tell you nothing you don’t know and be none the wiser for it. 

I understand you. I have been through it myself, and I have interviewed dozens and dozens of men and women in the same situation. Many of those real-life stories can be read in the book (R)evolution for Love which you can order here.

Beyond Break Up blog: Divorce, separation and life after a break up step by step

In this section we discuss the following topics:

Discussing the decision with your partner:

  • How to tell your partner you want to leave?
  • What to do if your partner tells you they are leaving?
  • How to bring up the topic of breaking up with your husband/wife?
  • How to face your partner when you are both still hurting after the split?
  • Is it better to think the break up through before filing for divorce or should we file for the initial petition and use the compulsory waiting period to finalise our decision either way?

Beyond Break Up blog helps you navigate the practicalities

Breaking up the assets:

  • What will happen to our shared assets and property? What should I be aware of?
  • What is a prenup? How does it affect us?
  • Does my partner have any rights to my property under the prenup or otherwise?
  • Where can I afford a home suitable for my family?

Custody of children:

  • How do we agree on the custody of the children?
  • What do I do if my partner demands sole custody?
  • What do sole and shared custody mean in practice?
  • How do I cope living without my children?
  • Can I travel abroad with my children with the consent of my ex?
Practices vary from country to country, but the articles in this blog will offer useful support and information for you in any case.

How will I cope with the break up myself?

The list of open question is probably endless for those considering a divorce or separation.

One person did not even have the courage to find out what divorcing meant in practice, although it need not be terribly complicated. 

Practices vary from country to country, so don’t put off finding out about the practicalities too long, and in that process, I hope you find useful information and support in the After the Break Up blog. Nothing in divorce or breaking up needs to be a taboo – nothing in the (R)evolution for Love is!

Breaking up may be scary, or uncomfortable. Even if you are the one who made the decision and wish you wouldn’t have to face your ex again.

Many are afraid of breaking up because they think it is the end of the world or at least a disaster. But is it, really? And if you have witnessed a break up that did seem like a catastrophe, does it mean that you will make similar mistakes or face similar problems?

The (R)evolution for Love blog helps you survive the break up. And not just survive but to enjoy and live your best life after a breakup! More and more readers of the (R)evolution for Love are living a full life after breaking up, even if it is not that long since the break up / divorce / separation, and it still may cause some pain.

You will learn to cope with the situation and you will learn many valuable things in the process!


How do you survive the break up and move on? Even when your partner’s decision to leave comes out of the blue or at least as a bit of a surprise. Or when it is you who made the big decision. Maybe you arrived at the decision alone and your partner completely disagrees.

Whether you are the “dumper” or “dumpee”, the articles under this theme will give you some tips on how to move on in one piece, happy and full of respect for your ex.

Your shared history will not disappear anywhere, even if you wish it would. However, sometimes clinging to the past will spoil your chances of living a happy life as newly single or in a new relationship.

In this blog theme, we will be discussing what life is like after the break up and how we can learn to enjoy life even if the process is still ongoing and your ex is being difficult.

The (R)evolution for Love break up blog helps you communicate with your ex

Learn to face you ex with dignity and respect after the break up even if towards the end your relationship you hated each other more than anything in the world.

Chances are that once the break up is done and dusted, they longer have the power to irritate you and they may turn into a better friend you ever thought possible.

Surviving the break up will be easier if you decide to work on your self-awareness and focus on personal development.

The (R)evolution for Love is not so much about the practicalities and superficial thought processes involved in a break up but about what really goes on deep beneath the surface. 

With my experience and skills as a clinical hypnotherapist and accredited NLP Trainer I will also share the latest findings in neuropsychological research and talk about the importance of practicing to listen to your own subconscious and unconscious messages. The messages that manifested themselves as discomfort when you are were thinking about the leaving or the thoughts that initially led you and your ex to the brink of breaking up.

Dismiss the seriousness of breaking up at your peril – do yourself a favour and take this opportunity to learn about yourself so that you can live your best life according to your values.

A break up blog to help you deal with your break up successfully and to enjoy your best life.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Coach, Author Kati Niemi

Read the Beyond Break Up blog and the book (R)evolution for Love which you can now find easily in Amazon webstore near you.

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your coach Kati
Clinical hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer
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