The Zodiac sign Aries, with a ram as its symbol, is a Fire sign, but what is Aries’ personality like? What are Aries’ good, positive personality traits, and their compatibility with other zodiac signs? Like I mentioned here, my dad used to analyze and “draw” horoscopes. I’ve been raised in a home full of books in astrology. In addition to studying psychology and being a hypnotherapist (=hypnosis + therapeutic methods), I’ve also started “drawing” horoscopes! But not like you’d imagine perhaps. 🙂  I know how the great power of mind and positive anchors really work for us in practice, and so I’ve designed colorful, positive real-life anchors for each zodiac sign. Also for the interesting Aries, of course! 🙂  In this article I give you a good list of the horoscope sign Aries’ positive personality traits. I also tell you which good, attractive traits of Aries fit well with other horoscope signs.

Colorful Aries head printed on white t-shirt for women
Colorful Aries head printed on white t-shirt for women - CLICK THE PHOTO

And I’ll also share you my best tips about how you can remind yourself of all the best, the most positive “Aries traits” of yourself or your loved one! 

After all, focus on the positives is the key to success in love and life in general. 

Sometimes during the hard times in life it’s not that easy, but with my tips you’ll manage better, I’m sure! 🙂

The questions and topics in this comprehensive article about Aries are:

  • What is the “Aries personality”?
  • What are Aries commonly known for?
  • Who is Aries attracted to?
  • What horoscope sign is Aries’ soulmate?
  • Who should marry an Aries man? Or an Aries woman?
  • How about breaking up, separating or divorcing an Arias spouse?
  • The most attractive Arias traits (A good list!)
  • The best mindset tools for Aries; all designed by me, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and Executive Coach, together with a lovely creative artist!

What is the Aries personality? What are Aries commonly known for?

First, I want you to understand why I speak only about the positive, attractive personality traits of Aries. I don’t want you to anchor your subconscious mind with any potentially negative traits of your horoscope sign Aries.

According to scientific research in psychology, all personality traits can and sometimes do change during the life. You can develop yourself throughout your entire life.

The most important thing to remember is that if you believe you’d be something “bad”, you might focus on that negative trait or even avoid situations where you could learn to behave otherwise.

Colorful Blue Aries t-shirt for women
Colorful Blue Aries t-shirt for women - CLICK THE PHOTO

All personality traits are the ways you behave in practice, in real life. As you already know, you can behave in many different ways in many situations. That’s also why some of your friends may think you’re a totally different person that what your parents, colleagues, or your “enemies” might think of you.

The way you think about yourself is your own super power which may either strengthen or weaken you. That’s why I don’t provide you any list of the negative personality traits or weaknesses of Aries – nor any other astrological, zodiac sign neither 🙂

So, like I told you in this longer article about horoscopes and my life with my “horoscope analyst” father, I do believe in magic in our beautiful universe, and most definitely I do know how our magical minds work for or against us! 🙂 And that’s why I’ve listed here only the generally positive traits of Aries, the horoscope sign you’re now interested in.

You can see the list of Aries’ best, the most attractive traits below. 🙂

Who is Aries attracted to? What horoscope sign is Aries’ soulmate? Who should marry an Aries man or an Aries woman?

Which zodiac signs are Aries more easily attracted to? And who should an Aries woman or man marry? Could you consider an Aries as your soul mate or your married partner?

If you’re Aries yourself or you’re interested in dating or planning to marry an Aries woman or man, please keep you mind and eyes always open for love. Do not predict your own future just based on this list of those traits that are usually thought to be the special “Aries personality traits”. Much more important than this list of Aries’ positive traits, is your own feeling of yourself and the person you’re interested in.

The best match for Aries can actually be another Aries or any other zodiac sign! We all have our individual needs and wishes even if we shared the same zodiac sign.

Do you want to know which zodiac signs are most likely to be Aries’ soulmate?

You know we all can have many soulmates all over the world, in all horoscopes signs. 

You can have a great Aries (or other!) soulmate both as a friend and as your married partner, and they both can have different zodiac signs.


Please keep you eyes and heart open to all forms of love. Don’t search for a lasting relationship or a good marriage just based on your own horoscope sign. 

Aries t-shirt for woman: Black tee with colorful print of ram
Aries t-shirt for women - CLICK THE PHOTO

You can find inspiration for happy love life in the many blog posts about happy single life & dating, and good, lasting relationships.

How about breaking up, separating or divorcing an Aries spouse?

If you’re thinking about e.g. breaking up, separating or divorcing your Aries spouse, always believe only in your our thoughts and feelings even if any horoscope said your astrological sign would be a perfect partner with an Aries man/woman. Build your trust in your own intuition – it will guide you further.

Ok? Good! Then, let’s start with the positive personality traits of the star sign Aries! 🙂

A good list of the zodiac sign Aries’ most attractive, positive traits

The zodiac sign Aries is often said to have e.g. the following positive “Aries personality” traits:

  • Aries are courageous explorers who want to walk their own unique life path and do things their way. Aries starts the zodiac wheel as well! (Read more about the Houses of the zodiac wheel here)
  • Aries are confident, self-determined innate leaders who are not afraid of taking risks when necessary.
  • Aries are cheerful and optimistic. They have high energy and positive inner strength even during the times of challenges
  • Aries are highly passionate in life and love. They love spontaneous adventures, intense action and excitement.
  • Aries are good in building teams and community
  • Aries enjoy starting new ambitious initiatives
  • Aries are quick decision makers and ready to take action without wasting time. 
  • Aries are honest, direct and self-aware.

All in all, Aries are interesting and attractive both as friends and partners in life in many ways! Do you agree? 🙂

How can you remind yourself about the good Aries traits and focus on all these positive aspects?

Even if you’re not an Aries with a strong belief in yourself in all circumstances, you still do have a strong mind. We tend to live our lives following the needs and hopes of our subconscious mind 95% of the time. This means we may lose our focus very easily (conscious focus only 5%).

To remind yourself on focusing on all your naturally positive personality traits even through the hard times, you shall aim to decrease the power of your subconscious autopilot, and let yourself notice the good in life more easily day after day.

You can do it with good mindset routines and positive mind anchors. They help you focus on your goals and the positive outlook.

Below, I’ll tell you how these mind anchors work in practice! 🙂

The energetic, inspiring, positive mindset anchor designs for Aries!

If you have read my blog posts for a longer time already, you know why all (R)evolution for Love designs are so colorful! Yes, you can create a strong mind anchor for each color, like you can create anchors to the symbol of Aries, too 🙂

Simply just listen to your intuition which tells you which colors in these inspiring designs remind you of those naturally positive Aries traits you have. (Focus is the key, as you know, and this shirt will keep you focused on the positive within you.)

And then, every time you see that color, you’ll start smiling as you remember what a beautiful person you are!

The more you surround yourself with these practical daily reminders and appreciate each moment you notice their good message to you, you build your inner connection stronger each day. When you bring your focus to the Aries symbol and its unique colors, and then remind yourself what they symbolize to you, you teach your brain to remember those best traits quicker, more automatically each time. This way you learn better subconscious autopilots that help you navigate towards your dreams in life!

That’s how our brain cells (neurons) build bridges (synapses) with each other to create new good mindset routines for us. 🙂 And the way you use your brain, is the way you guide yourself in love and life in general.

Start believing in yourself more by renewing your mindset routines that will remind yourself of your best personality traits – such as those “Aries traits”.

Yes, exactly: that’s the beauty of our brains: we can teach ourselves to achieve our dreams more easily that way!

That is how also others around you start seeing more and more of all that positivity in you! The inner growth starts within. Just help your own journey with these practical mindset tools that I created for you with love.

Author, Blogger, Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach Kati Niemi
Kati Niemi, Founder of (R)evolution for Love

Enjoy your day!

With Love,
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